Monday, June 23, 2014

Love the World Cup

Pictured with Sister Kemer, a friend from the MTC.

Hey family!

First week here in Cidade Nova was great.  The last Sister left the area with a group of 30 investigators, so our focus this week was sifting through them to see which actually have potential.  In doing so, I found... another Anônio and Karina!

Antônio was my investigator from Satélite who got baptized after I left...  but he´s baptized!  He´s the one that had been living the good life until one day he woke up with the left side of his body paralyzed.  Well, we have an investigator here, Cleber, who suffered a stroke and can´t move the left side of his body now.  His struggles, the way he talk, and just everything remind me so much of A.  I have some unfinished business to take care of.

Also, found the male version of Karina- Rafael.  He awesome- bad boy turned good, great heart, tons of potential, but with over protective, over dramatic parents that we have to convince to let him be baptized.  Been there, done that.  With HF´s help, I know he´ll be baptized soon.  He´s really great.

Out of time- Brazil plays soon, so we have to get home!  Love the mission!  Love the world cup!  Love you guys!

Sister Barkdull

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