Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You and Me Both, Sister

The world cup has arrived!!!  I´ve never been an avid fan of sports, but how can you not be excited about the world cup when here in Brazil??  EVERYBODY is wearing green and yellow, shooting off fireworks and canons, and decorating everything para caramba!  As missionaries, we´re ´´fasting´´ for a higher purpose in our mission by refraining from watching the cup. I would actually really like to watch, but it´s not that big of deal.  Apparently, though, for some missionaries it is, haha.  Tender mercy for these tender spirits, we don´t even need to watch the cup to know what´s going on- all the hooting and hollering leave little room to doubt what´s happened.  So, things are real exciting here!

 This week was actually my last week in Mosqueiro.  After everything that´s happened there, everything I´ve learned, I was SUPER sad to leave.  I really love that big ol´ island.  And for as much as I complained about the members, they are really some of the strongest members this church has.  Missionaries come and missionaries go, but they have to stay there, pushing and fighting, never giving up in spite of the many many obstacles that lie in wait.  Even on my last day in Mosqueiro, the branch president came to me with yet another delicate matter that needed to be resolved..  In spite of the many trials, I´ve never known people with more faith.  And I guess that´s why I pushed so much.  What I asked of the people in the branch I would never expect of a normal ward.  And why not?  A normal ward has a lot more members available to help, a lot more resources, a lot more knowledge and experience.  The people in Mosqueiro don´t have anything but themselves, and that´s what they give, and a for a majority of the time, they do.  I am so grateful for the time I spent with such a faithful, self-sacrificing people.  They really changed me, and I hope that in the near future, everything that I worked for in those 3 tranfers there will pay off.  I was a little worried I heard that the President was closing our area to sisters and opening it for elders.  We have at least 3 baptisms and a marriage solid for this next transfer (yes people, Karina will be baptizedthis Saturday- FINALLY).  However, it´s an elder from my hallway in the MTC and another elder who looks really great, so I´m a little bit more at ease.

Soooo... where in the world is Sister Barkdull??  Yep, that´s right, I´m in Cidade Nova 2, and guess who else is in my zone... SISTER KEMER!!!!!  I wanted to keep it a secret from her until our zone meeting, but 2 hours after getting settle in, she called (with permission from the ZL por favor) and we had a happy reunion chat for like... two hours.  Oh, it´s weird being with her again, but at the same time it´s so great.  As Sister Doutre would say, ´´what a kindred spirit´´.

My new companion in Sister de la Cruz who had a rough start to her mission, but I´m excited to help out.  She´s really eager to help out and loves being at the front of things (oh sweet mercy), and after telling me that her biggest pet peeve is when people don´t wash their dishes (you and me both, sister), I just told her straight up that I´m all about communication.  If you´ve got a problem with me, just say it and I´ll change.  I don´t like this martyrdom stuff that people do all the time.  She´s onboard, so looks like this transfer´s going to go swimmingly.  Sadly, she doesn´t run, but I´ve just accepted the fact that it´s never going to happen on my mish.  I´ve been getting really good at push ups though!

Em fim, I feel a little bit like a country bumpkin here in Belem again.  Kind of like Cinderella arriving at the ball in rags, oddly enough (such a contrast from my way of thinking when I got here in Brazil).  I went from a huge wilderness island where we eat with our hands and walk barefoot through the mud to urban city life where people expect you to look good... ugh.  Not sure if my stained, ripped up skirts and stinky sandals are going to cut it this time.. I liked Jane of the Jungle a lot better.

But!  I´m excited for this transfer, and I´m excited to get to work again!  I really love sharing the gospel with other people.  I don´t feel even an ounce of embarrasment or awkwardness because it´s the best thing that´s ever going to happen to them.  I know it´s true!

I love you all!  Pray for Brazil tonight- they play tomorrow.

Sister Barkdull

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