Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Companion is Totally Emo

Óla família,
There are so many things that I´ve been wanting to tell you guys for a while, but I don´t know how to connect all my fragmented thoughts in a... cohesive? is that the right word?.. way.  So, here´s some bullet points-
- THE US IS CONTINUING IN THE WORLD CUP!!!! I have never been a fan of watching sports, but you can´t not be excited about the world cup when here in Brazil.  In all the streets, they string shreds of blue, green, and yellow plastic that flap in the wind.  All the cars have flags attached to the back, and everyone wears their Brazil jerseys every day.  I have yet to buy mine, but it´s on my to-do list.  I tell everyone I´m rooting for Brazil, but just because they give me really dirty looks when I say anything about the US.  After games, people blast ´´melody´´ music, drink, and dance.  Everyone dances so well here.. even the old ladies.  I hate my genetics.
- I think until like September or something is kite flying season!  It´s so awesome!  As if I´m living in ´´The Kite Runner´´ but not horrifyingly sad.  I love looking up at all the kites in the sky as we´re walking around our neighborhood.  They stick this glue that´s full of glass on the string to be able to cut the other kites; however, it´s really dangerous for motorcyclists because they can be driving by, not see the string, and get their corotid artery cut and die.  It´s actually illegal to use the glue, but no one pays attention to laws here.  To be honest, though, it´s really interesting to watch these ´´kite fights´´ and the kids running after the cut kites.  The older generations don´t like it very much because the kids hop fences, cars, whatever to chase after the kites.  The son of one of our investigators the other day let me try his, and I was surprised by how difficult it is.  These 10 year olds make it look so easy!  I think I´ll have to buy some for the Hammond boys before coming home.
- My companion is totally emo/ I´m a rebel-punk.  But I really like her!  The other day she was using nail earings (not sure if that´s allowed..), and I asked her why she likes freaky things like that.  She just explained how she likes to be different and some other stuff, but what I liked was that she didn´t get offended.  I´ve always wanted to know why people like that kind of stuff, not in a judgy way, just because... it´s really abnormal to like symbols of death.  So, our relationship is interesting.
- In speaking of relationships, yesterday, walking to a family night, we turned the corner and found ourselves amongst of a huge crowd of people.  We asked a guy what was going on and he said it was the parade of gays.  We continued walking and talking, but after noticing a lot of people looking at us weird I realized, OH MY GOSH.  I´m walking with my companion at the front of a parade of homosexuals.  We had to laugh because we couldn´t do anything about it and might have even taken a picture to remember our special moment.
- We found a lot of really great investigators this week; however, it was a little rough because our two baptisms fell through.  We fasted and prayed and at least I knew that they could be baptized this week (my comp was a little doubtful), but in the end, they, investigators of like four months (not normal), said that they weren´t ready.  THEY ARE READY.  They know it´s true, they have a true desire to do what´s right and follow Christ, but they would rather continue going to church and ´´studying´´ with us than act on their answer from God and be baptized.  The sad thing is, is that we can´t continue with them like that.  The field really is white here, and missionaries in Belém have been called to bring in the harvest.  After building up a relationship with someone and knowing how much they need the gospel, it´s really hard to cut them, especially when they´re so close.  I´m more used to it now, but my comp´s really new on the mission, so the past couple days have been hard on her- self doubt, blame, lack of patience, things like that.  But, thankfully, I´ve passed similar experiences at the beginning of my mission, so now I can help her.
To end on a happier note, today in the supermarket, I found Tide.  and Sister Kemer.  But it was when I was the Tide that I almost cried.  Mom, it was pretty expensive... but I thought you´d want me to have clean clothes for the first time in a long time... love you!  Smellin´ good!
I love you all!  Hope you´re getting better Grandpa!  Happy birthday Sarah!  Dad, don´t worry, Father´s Day is in August here.
Boa semana,
Sister Barkdull

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