Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ugh, It Was So Humbling


Todo bem familia!

Oh man, the church is true! I LOVED General Conference this week! I don´t know if it´s because I´m on a mission, or it was just that good, but every single talk was amazing! All my prayers, and even the ones I didn´t think of to pray, were answered. I have such a testimony of our prophet and leaders of this church!

So, this week was a lot better. Thanks for any prayers that were said in my behalf; they were definitley felt. We had interviews with the mission president this week, and in mine, he asked if I wanted a transfer. While my head was screaming YEEESSSS!!!! something (or someone) else was telling me to say no. So I said no. I regretted that about 2 hours later, but then the next day, my companion and I had a pretty good inventory in which I was finally able to communicate to her that I really wanted to make this companionship work, no matter what. I know Heavenly Father was there, helping us to understand one another, and now, we are both more determined to work together and trust one another more. Ugh, it was so humbling, but we´re definitely seeing ablessings from it.

Also, I´m understanding more! Every single person we talked to is shocked by how much more I´ve been talking this past week. The only reason I wans´t talking was because I didn´t know what was going on! I still have a LONG way to go, but I´m grateful for anything and everything. It´s like in Elder Bednar´s talk about tithing- I prayed to be happy and learn the language; I think Heavenly Father´s blessed me with gratitude.

Conference was AMAZING. If you didn´t watch it, check out ASAP!

I love you all, please continue to pray for me!

Sister Barkdull

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