Monday, September 30, 2013

Everybody Loves the Barbie Americana

Ola Familia!
Sorry for not writing last week. It was pretty rough, but Heavenly Father´s really helping me through it!
So much has happened! Two weeks ago, Ivana was baptized, and this past week, Emerson and Irmao Nelson were baptized! I´m so excited for them because I truly have a testimony that the gospel is for everyone and will bless every aspect of our lives. Seriously, everyone NEEDS the gospel. I love being a missionary and helping people realize this.
This week I went on splits with Sister Kemer! It was awesome! I really love the way she teaches, and it was fun to be around one of my best friends. I´m really blessed to get to see her at least once a week every week. This was a good experience too, because it helped me to see the things I like about my companion. Not gonna lie, I´m kind of struggling with her, but ever since splits, I´ve been able to focus more on the positive and be more relaxed about the negative. I know Heavenly Father sent me to her to learn some things, so my goals at the moment are to learn the language, love my companion, and learn what I´m supposed to learn. She´s really bold and good at getting contacts and everyone in the house to join in on lessons, so I´m trying to learn that from her.
For all those, especially my dad, who are worried that I´m having a hard time ajusting to the culture and stuff here, let me put your minds at ease. I love Brazil! Everything about it! Okay, I´m not a huge fan of all the bug bites, but the more I´m here, the more I realize how blessed I am. I actually live in a pretty fancy neighborhood where people have cars, and we have an apartment on the end of the building, so we have a lot of windows and light. Acai and doces de cupuacu are like the most amazing things ever, and while it wasn´t my favorite things at first, I´m really starting to love all the hugging and kissing that goes on around here. Everybody loves the Barbie Americana and wants me to teach them how I do my hair, haha.
Life is good, the gospel is true. I´m so thankful for such a wonderful family and for the gospel in my life.
Love you all,
Sister Barkdull

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  1. I emailed some photos to your Mom from Sis. Kemer. Will be posting on her blog later this week...