Monday, May 19, 2014

You Can't Blame the Smell on the Water

I love members that are so hard core they set up visits for you.. but not on P-day.  Just kidding, I´d gladly give if my P-day, just give me some notice so I can clean my clothes!  After 3 or 4 wears, you can´t blame the smell on the water in the street anymore..

Just kidding, again.  It´s only 2 or three.

1.  MOM, I realized on the bus ride home yesterday that I forgot to say, ´´Happy Mother´s Day!!´´  I guess I got so caught up in the excitement of seeing you guys that the reason for it completely flew the coop.  But that doesn´t make it any less important.  Mom, I love you more than I can say, or type.  I honestly don´t know how I got so blessed to have been sent to this life to be with you, but I know that it´s part of Heavenly Father´s plan, and like my PB says, I know that I´ve loved you and our family from the beginning, and that will never change.  Thank you for being you, thank you for loving/ putting up with me.  You´re a better mom than you´ll ever understand.  I love you.

2.  Grandpa, get better!  You didn´t look too good with that oxygen thing, but don´t let that bring you down!  Looks aren´t everything.  With a little bit of grit and gumption, you´ll make it through!  I love you!

3.  This week´s going to be great!  We´re still working with Karina, but we´re REALLY going to try to find some investigators ripe for the harvest.

Sorry, no more time.  I love my (His) mission so much.  I´m so grateful to be here in Belem, especially in Mosqueiro, trying to figure out what I´m doing, and miraculously helping others in the process.  Our religion is more than just religion, it´s REAL.  I´m learning this more and more every day.

I love you family!  Have a great week!

Sister Barkdull

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