Monday, May 19, 2014

The Kids Especially Loved Dying

Boa tarde minha querida família,

Transfers:  I will be staying here in Mosqueiro with Sister Felix for the next transfer.  This is the most stressful area of my mission (I´ve actually only had 2 other areas), but I´m really grateful for 6 more weeks to leave this area better than I found it.  It´s a little messy right now because of everything that´s been going on.  I´m really learning, just kidding, having to put into practice, what my parents have taught me my whole life- don´t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.  It´s crazy, one bad day here affects the entire week, and one slower week destroys the tranfer.  You have to be on your A game 24/7.  Here´s to a better start to this transfer!

This week, I got sick for the first time on my mission.  It lasted about three hours and then we went back to work.  I seriously don´t understand how my immune system got to be so strong.  So many things happen here..

We also had a ward activity this Saturday!  And it went way better than the last one!  It was based off of an activity that pretty much all the missionaries here do, but since the church has such little time here in Mosqueiro, nobody had ever done it.  We decorated the church like an airplane and everyone went on a trip to Las Vegas.  We had spiritual games, fun games, and video games, for everyone to play when they ´´arrived´´.  They had a certain number of coupons they could use until time was up and they had to return to the airplane.  Sadly, though, the airplane crashed, and there weren´t survivors.  We then led them upstairs where we´d decorated three rooms to be the Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial kingdoms.  They inherited the kingdom they deserved based on the way they´d spent their tickets.  It was really fun, and the kids especially loved dying.

The highlight of the week, though, was probably Thursday.  Almost all of our apointments fell through, and for some reason, none of the vans were passing the nieghborhood where we were at, so we had to walk a couple hours home in the rain.  When we got there, all of our lights had exploded because the roof leaks water, so we quickly switched clothes in the dark.  After adjusting to the darkness, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something big and dark scurry into our BEDROOM.  I screamed and got my handy-dandy head lamp (thanks Mom).  There, in the darkness, under MY BED, was a HUGE, hairy spider the size of my hand!!!!!  My companion tried killing it with the broom, but she has horrible aim and it kept jumping around.  We spent an excruciating half hour screaming and crying, trying to swat that hideous creature, until we finally succeeded in killing it.  I´ve been sleeping with my bed in the middle of the room ever since, and because of this and some other experiences, we are now looking for another place to live.  I. Hate. Spiders.  During this craziness, I did find some time to take pictures; however, the card reader isn´t working, so you all will just have to wait another week.

In other news, we´re probably going to have a baptism this week!  We´ve been teaching Karina and her dad for a while now, and she said that she knows it´s true and wants to be baptized!  Hopefully this will help her dad in his testimony and help her mom be more interested.  We´re pretty excited.

Things are going swimmingly.  Really excited to talk to you this week!! Like REALLY excited!  I love you and will ´´see´´ you soon!

Sister Barkdull

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