Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

Hello family!

Thank you for all the birthday emails and Aunt Kathy for the birthday card!  I forgot it was my birthday and ended up opening it a week early.  I spent the rest of the week subtly reminding everyone that my birthday was coming up.  Paid off.  A girl from the ZLs´ ward who likes to go teaching with us gave me a new watch (guess she doesn´t think my tape watch very fancy), Debora, a recent convert made me tapiocinho (it´s the brazilian version of of swedish pancakes), Nete and Carlos, our couple who will be married and baptized this week bought me açaí, and Claudio and Lene and their family did a huge maracujá party for me since it´s my favorite fruit here- maracujá mousse, maracujá cake, maracujá juice, maracujá pudding, tapioca cake, and this chicken pie thing.  Basically, for my birthday, I gained 10 pounds.  Happy birthday to me.  I guess that´s why so many people love me- there´s just so much to love.

We also just got our transfer calls.  I´m a little bit in shock.  I was really wanting to stay with Sister Torres here in Cidade Nova to see these baptisms through (I trust in Sis Torres...), but it looks like I´ll be going to Macapá, Guanabara II to serve with Sister L.Oliveira for the next/last six weeks.  All I know is that Macapá is one of the furthest areas in our mission and they´re closing Guanabara to elders and putting me and my companion in... this will be interesting.

Well, I´m really sad that I´m going to miss the family history fair, the mission tour, and my one and maybe only (just kidding, I´m going to find a ton of families in Macapá) family here in Cidade Nova.  I really love the members, my comp, and especially our investigators.

I don´t have a lot more to say.. all I can think about is this transfer..

Wish me luck!  I don´t know how much I´ll be in contact these next few weeks because I don´t want to think about home at all.  I love being a missionary!  I love testifying and helping others change for the better.  I love who I´m becoming (don´t expect someone perfect).

Share the gospel!  Christmas is coming!  It´s the best gift you can give to our Savior.

I love you all,
Sister Barkdull

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