Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Somehow, We All Managed to Take a Shower

Sorry family, not much time this week.

So, the week started off with transfers.  As Sister Marzarella´s companion was arriving from Macapá which is a really long journey, we got to be in a trio for two days!  I actually really liked it.  Sister Torres and I stretched ourselves to be abnormally nice, charitable, and considerate.  Somehow, we all managed to take a shower before personal studies, something that is really hard with just me and Sister Torres...

Two really awesome miracles happened when we were all together.  The first was after lunch on Tuesday.  Our lunch that day was actually all the way in another zone (SUPER far), so we took a route that we usually never walk.  After walking past a house, we here ´´psssssssiiiuuu´´(the Brazilian form of ´´pssst´´) and then ´´Sisters!!!´´.  We turned around and there was a lady waving frantically outside of her house, beckoning us to come back.  After retracing our steps a little, this woman, Ivanna, with a huge smile on her face says, ´´Sisters!! I´m so happy I´ve finally found you!  I´ve been praying and waiting for the missionaries to pass for months now!´´  Seriously?!  Apparently, after being knifed by a robber, she met a man in the hospital who´d fallen and broken his neck.  With her not having a safe home and him not having family to take care of him, they decided to make a deal and now this member´s living with and taking care of Edilson during his recovery.  However, it seems like every evangelical church has passed by, promising miracles, doing macumba, and Ivanna´s testimony, after many years of dormancy, was re-awakened and she started praying that the missionaries would pass by to teach this man.  That´s where we come in.

Well, I´m out of time.  Heavenly Father hears our prayers.  We are never so far from Him that we are out of His reach!

I love you all,
Sister Barkdull

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