Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Excited to Visit Bakeries When I Get Back

Oi família!
This week could easily be summed up by Ether 12: some verse that I don´t have memerized..  Heavenly Father is showing me my weaknesses.
A part of me gets so frustrated that the same things I´ve struggled with and overcome and struggled with again are still a problem for me, even after everything that´s happened.  Another part is happy because I feel so much stronger confronting these incessant weaknesses that I have.  Is that what Ether is saying?  That Christ´s grace is sufficient in helping us overcome our weaknesses again and again?  But at what point can I say ´´I am strong´´, not just ´´I am stronger´´.  Does that point exist?  I would study this scripture more this week, but I have to study for my investigators- no time for me!
It´s good to be humbled though.  Better to naturally be humble.. but I´m grateful for my awesome companion who helps me to be humble and also lifts me up when I feel overcome by my weaknesses.
Sister Torres is actually from Ecuador.  Everyone always asks her if Ecuador is in Africa, haha.  Her family has been members her whole life, but very in active until her mission.  Now, they have a goal of all going to the temple together to be sealed as a family. Sis Torres´ testimony always makes me cry.
Hispanics are really different from Brazilians.  I have to concentrate more when she talks because I´m not used to her accent, but they way she talks is so cool.  It´s almost as if I´m in Nacho Libre (which she has watched).  She´s talks in these short fast phrases and has the same sense of humor.  I love it.
I was a little bit afraid that, being trained partially by my trainer,she would teach in the same way.  Not so. Sister Torres was a seminary teacher before her mission (a cooler calling than RS facebook page maker would have been really helpful in preparing me for my mish) and know like everything!  However, she´s a lot more ´´you will be baptized or we have no time for you´´ than I.  She´s learning more patience, and I´m learning to be more of a ´´desafiadora´´.
No more time.  Things are going great!  I can´t believe another transfer´s come and gone!  Making the most of the time I have left!
I love you all!  Happy Brazilian Father´s day Dad!  The more I learn about the gospel, the more I realize that all the weird, funny things you do, like planting a garden, are actually a part of it!  Who knew you were secretly such a good example!  Haha, just kidding.  You´ve always been such a spiritual example for me, and I´m so grateful for your unconditional love and patience with me.  Your letters are the highlight of my P day; I couldn´t ask for a better dad.  Excited to go hiking, running, and visit bakeries when I get back!
Muito amor de Brasil,
Sister Barkdull
* Somebody just started playing the Harry Potter theme song on their computer and I just about died of happiness.

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