Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meal Worm Popsicles (Seriously?!)

Ola família!

Well, this week went by really fast.  We got chastized pretty good by our leaders for not having any investigators at church last week, so we went to work!  Not only did we have a bunch of people in the ´´chapel´´ this week, but we´re probably going to have a baptism this week, and at least 1 the next!  I´ve never been more tired in my life- couldn´t even get up early to run (that´s a big deal for me).

Investigator-wise, this week was really great.  Member-wise, not so much.  This branch here is so frustrating some times.  We´re trying so hard to get everyone involved in the branch, to teach people how to do their callings, to build up the organizations with more people, but we can´t do everything.  The more I´m on my mission, the more I see how important it is to be ´´equally yoked´´ in all things.  After weeks of preparing for and promoting our missionary fireside to teach the members how to treat investigators, new converts, and less actives in the church and how to give a good reference, few, very few people actually came.  Walking home last night, I was pretty discouraged, wanting kick the can in and forget about the members.  So, where did I turn?  The next best thing to prayer- Legacy, the downhearted missionary´s soap opera.  Something rang a bell as I watched those pioneers struggle through mud, disease, and exhaustion.  The difference between our circumstances, though, was our faith.  They obviously had a lot more of it.

I am really grateful for the testimony I´ve gained on my mission.  What used to be a firm belief and hope that the church and all of it´s doctrines and principles are true has now turned into a knowledge  that it´s all real.  It´s not just a way of life that makes us happy, but it´s actually true.  However, I know I still lack so much faith, I still have so much to grow.  Rather than sitting in a stupor over my challenges with this ward, I know that I need to know that God has a plan for Mosqueiro, and as I give it my all every day, I can be the means of bringing about much righteousness.  This knowledge gives me the motivation I need to try again, and again, inspite of the many times that I´m failing.

So, here goes.

I love you all MUITO.  Especially you Grandpa Del!  Get better soon!  But seriously Grandpa, I don´t have time to write an email to you today, but I´m really worried about you, and I don´t know what I´d do if something more happened.  Read a good book, watch some Downton Abbey, and when I come home, I can visit with you and Grandma every day and swap mission stories.  I love your letters; they always make me laugh.  I´m so blessed to have you in my life- keep it that way :)

De todo o amor do meu coração,
Sister Barkdull

Cultural highlight- we ate meal worm popsicles, pupunha, and maniçoba this week.  All really yummy.

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