Friday, March 14, 2014

It Was One of Those Baywatch Beach Moments

(Note: Letter from March 3, 2014. We didn't get one this week... lame!)

Hey family,
I´m out of time- I don´t know how that happened but.. quickly-
This week was a little rough with investigators because it´s Carnaval! I think it´s really cool, but my comp says we are in the depths of perdition and sin. So far, I haven´t seen anything too horrible, but apparently, the best is yet too come. I did have an awkward experience with an investigator and a lack of clothing this week, and got separated from my companion for a little bit. I fell asleep on the bus and she got off without me! I´ve never felt so vulnerable! It wasn´t too crazy though, because miraculously, we found eachother like 8 minutes later. When I saw her running towards me, I started running towards her, almost crying- it was one of those Baywatch beach run moments.
The members are starting to warm up to the missionaries again, and we´re going a- rescuing after the in actives this week! Woohoo!
I love you all!
Sister Barkdull

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