Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a Good Thing Brazilians are Tone Deaf

Querida Familia,

This week was great!  We pretty much spent the first three days printing out, cutting up, and then handing out invitations to literally every person we could find.  Remember that whole bus experience?  Yeah, it´s become routine, but now we include Christmas carols!  It´s a good thing all Brazilians are tone deaf or I´d be pretty embarrassed of my voice.  On the day before Xmas, Vesperas, our zone and a couple people from the zone next to us (we wanted the violinist and Elder Baldwin who sings really well) went to a huge supermarket and sang on the different levels of the store.  People were taking videos and pictures, and we made literally hundreds of contacts.  It was great.

The presentation went great too!  Everyone sang and played better than before, including myself, the the chapel was packed with people!

Back to Christmas eve- It´s really strange here and doesn´t make sense to me.  Everyone spends all day preparing food for the huge dinner with all their family and friends that night.  The party starts at after dark, and everyone stays up ALL night talking and eating and if you´re not Mormon, drinking... a lot.  I wasn´t too thrilled as a missionary about loosing 2 hours of sleep, but the food was great and ´´Papai Noel´´ arrived amidst the festivities playing saxaphone.  All was going great until Elder Orr, our Zone leader, tried to sit on Santa´s lap.  Santa had to rest on the couch after that experience.

We spent our Christmas Eve dinner at the stake president´s house and ended up staying the night there the next night because some ding dong elder took my bad home with him, including the keys to our house.

We got my bag back and had a great rest of the week, finding people and learning how to teach better.  That´s one of the things I´m working on most is trying to teach people with more of the spirit.  My goal of having lessons like those of Alma the Younger may be pretty lofty, but hopefully, one day, attainable.

I´m so grateful for my wonderful family and all the love and support I feel from you, all the way in Brazil.

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sister Barkdull

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