Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Think It's Just Me [That Stinks]

Ola Familia!
I feel like the words that best describe this week are HOT and wet. It´s been raining everyday, a lot. This cools off the temperature for about half an hour, but when the clouds clear, the sun reflects off the water and it gets even hotter. Also, I´m starting to realize that not all of us stink together. I think it´s just me. Oh well.
This week was a little bit crazy because we had two ´´emergency´´ meetings in Belem. The first one was for all the trainers and trainees and the second for Zone Leaders and District Leaders. Since either I and/or my companion fit into both these categories, we had two days straight of meetings. It was nice to have a bit of change in our everyday routine, but also pretty boring too. I´m excited to get back to work since we did hardly anything this week.

It was one of those weeks were all of your appointments fall through, no one keeps their commitments, and baptisms fall (? I am not remembering the English word for this. Yay!). There´s definitely a big focus on baptism and authority here in Brazil, whereas in the states there was more of a focus on repentance and spiritual experiences. It´s really confusing and frustrating sometimes to figure out if what we´re doing here in Brazil is because of the culture or because of tradition/habit. It´s hard to know what to change when things are going badly. But this is Heavenly Father´s work, so I know he´ll help where it´s needed.
I don´t really know what else to say. Everything´s just kind of random bits and pieces of my life here, and it´s getting harder to think in English.
I love this work and the gospel and especially my family! Happy birthday Grandma Hanni! And I think grandma Barkdull´s birthday is coming up too, so para bens para voce!
Eu te amo!
Sister Barkdull

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